Students from Center Stage Hawaii It is important to choose a good dance studio for yourself or your child. Some people suppose that dance is frivolous and “just for fun,” so it doesn’t matter what the instruction is like. However although dance is definitely fun, and that should be one of the things you look for in a good dance studio there is a lot more than that involved in dance training. Ask yourself these questions when observing a class: Are the instructors doing a good job of engaging the students in what they are learning? Are the instructors giving corrections and praise to the students? Is what the children are learning seem to be at the correct level for their ages and skill level? Finally, do you know the professional backgrounds of the teachers at the studio? It is important that for ballet and contemporary dance you have instructors who have had an extensive career as a pre-professional or professional performer once you or your child gets to a certain level or age. When children are just beginning or are very young, this is not so important. College degrees in dance or related fields are also a good indicator that the instructors know what they are doing. In Hip Hop and break dancing classes, it is common for instructors to be young and talented, but formal training is not always important, since those styles of dance come from the street. Good teaching and a quality dance studio are important for so many reasons. You would not want your child to grow up with injuries due to bad training. It is so common and sad to see, (especially in small towns) people flocking to little studios opened up by someone with virtually no training. Students and parents who go are often lured in by the idea of doing fancy productions with glittery costumes. This all seems fun and harmless at the time, but the consequences for the long term can be harmful.