Lots of people just don’t get what goes into being a dancer! Many people including parents of students who want to dance think its just fluff and frivolous. No Way! Dancers, successful dancers anyway, have to be highly committed. When in the professional world, being “there” on time and without fail, is akin to professions like doctors, chefs, and lawyers. The old saying “The Show Must Go On” is right on. People pay good money to see shows, and have every right to expect perfection. So, while learning to dance taking class needs to come first. Not only do you need to become highly skilled, but you need to become a finely tuned athlete. Second, missing a rehearsal, or God Forbid, a performance is the best way to get yourself black listed in an entire dance community. Everyone knows everyone and soon flaky dancers get reputations. Being responsible, committed and professional is more important than having talent! Charm, and charisma on and off the stage is a must. If you are the type of person with a great “Can Do” attitude, people will want to work with you, AND that will translate into how well you come across onstage to the audience. So to recap the traits needed to become a successful dancer: 1. Work hard in class, and get to class on time and every day. 2. Have a good attitude on and off the stage with lots of charisma. 3. Show your commitment and self discipline by being on time to every rehearsal and show without fail.