Center Stage is very popular right now for our Hip Hop and Break Dance Classes and dancers. We have some awesome intructors- Nadia Schlosser, Trey Saunders, Tunji Johnson and Grady Sullivan. Our dancers, mainly our resident Hip Hop Crew “Shell Shock” ( made up of Grady, Tunji, Trey and Norman Hakkei JR), get asked to perform on a regular basis. They are very charismatic and can really get a crowd going, AND they have a large following of fans in East Hawaii. BUT–did you know that each of these guys AND Nadia all take regular ballet lessons and contemporary lessons? If you love dance, you should develop a love for all dance, and if you are a student of dance it’s really important to step up and do it all. Ballet is a good basic technique to learn. It is hard to learn, especially to do it well. Lots of young kids don’t have the patience to learn it, but the rewards of gaining the control, strength, coordination and flexibility required of ballet dancers far outweigh the time in the studio spent repeating and repeating and repeating to get something right. Hip Hop is fun and the rewards of learning a routine are immediate, but for those who have a passion for ALL dancing ballet is the class for you!

Pier Sircello in younger years