Everyone should dance. It is good for us on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. It doesn’t really matter how you dance, or where you dance, or with whom you dance. Just get up and go for it! Some people prefer to take a structured class, others like to “go out” dancing, and some like to just dance when nobody is around to see. The music moves us and makes us feel good. We get exercise when we dance. If we take dance classes, we learn self-discipline and improve our memories too. For some people, like me, learning a great combination in class and working it over and over gives us the ability to feel free in the movement as we get better and better at it so that we experience oneness of mind, body and soul. Advanced and professional dancers have a learned technique from a lifetime of hard work that creates a freedom and joy of movement, and power over our bodies that most people will never know.

Dance is not of high importance in our culture. When I was a professional dancer, I thought it was the best thing in the world to be on the stage and dance. I also thought I was the only one enjoying my dancing, and so I vowed that one day I would have a career that really helped people, and was not so selfish a career. Even I did not see the importance of dance back then. Now that I direct and teach, I see the joy in the audience’s faces, and know that I could not have been more wrong. When you dance, you bring joy to yourself and others. So, no, our culture does not put much importance on dance and learning to dance, but that needs to change. Joy in and of itself is so important for all of us to experience in our lives, but dance brings us so much more than joy. Don’t take my word for it though, get up and dance, and see for yourself!